Rainseason - a myth?

Who does not know them, anti war movies about Vietnam / Asia where it rains for weeks. But is it really like that? Is this climate also prevailing in Pattaya? The answer is a clear - no! The so-called rainy season in Pattaya is not so noticeable as in the south or north of Thailand and usualy much nicer than the summer in Europe. Even after a shower, the temperatures remain tropical and it usually does not rain permanently but only for a few hours, relatively heavy. This should not prevent you from do your plans, should it really rain a little longer, there are several indoor entertainment options available. For example, bowling in one of Pattaya's mega shopping malls such as the "Central Festival". There you will find an incredible number of cheap and exotic restaurants, a huge cinema, and of course opportunity to shop. Or you just make yourself comfortable in the hotel. Our Resort has free cable TV.

Flight - cheap and which destination ?

Cheap flights to Bangkok you may find on competition websites as Some airlines offering direct flights, it's a hassle free start into your journey. We recommend Unfortunately direct flights cost a little more.  

Prepare for your journey

Not many things are required to start your trip to Thailand

Required are:
» Passport which is minimum valid for another 6 monthe on the arrival date
» Perhaps a international drivers license
» If you plan to stay long a tourist visa
» Recommended: A travel health insurance

Visa requirements for your country you may find here:

What you don't necessarily need is:
» Electric adapters, the plugs in our resort are compatible to European standard (EN 50075)
» First aid kit, there are countless pharmacies on site as well as international hospitals

Exchange money

Money you should exchange where the competition is great. You will find in Pattaya tons of exchanges with excellent rates. We do not recommend to change money in your own country to Thai Baht, nor on the airport. The rates there are usualy terrible.

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